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    OCD and related disorders

    New Orleans psychologists and counsellors with decades of experience dealing with issues pertaining to OCD and related disorders.


    Hoarding Related Fields

    For the benefit of hoarders and their families, Dr. Chabaud promotes education, program development, collaborative resourcing, community awareness, policy changes and fund raising.


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    Please contact Dr. Chabaud today for a free evaluation and/or quote and prepare to begin the rest of your life. There is always hope. Always.


    Who Are We

    Philosophy of Treatment: We at OCDIGNO innovatively and effectively assist people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and other fear-based disorders. Most of our clients come to us with years of suffering and debilitation. Over-controlling their thoughts and behavior through rituals or compulsions to reduce pain or prevent feared outcome only exacerbated their suffering and sealed them off from natural experiences of themselves and the world. Their internal system became rigid, uninformed and unresponsive to a full range of human experience.

    We assist clients with cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindfulness-based therapies that are sensitive to the unique developmental history and resources of each client. Therapy guides clients to discover internal resources to face life challenges. The result is increased resilience, competence, empowerment and hopefulness

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